PODCAST: Gen Z and Post-Reconstruction

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Left to right: Shayna Lopatin, Ruthie Vogel, Elisheva Ezor in the Amudim Beit Midrash, Modiin

Gen Z and Post-Reconstruction

A common theme through TRADITION’s recent symposium on Haym Soloveitchik’s “Rupture and Reconstruction: On the Transformation of Contemporary Orthodoxy” is how the encounter with the essay in 1994 caused readers to understand transitions within the Orthodox world to which they were witness in their own lifetimes. For a change, we thought it would be interesting to hear the voice of youth—the “Generation Z” members of Modern Orthodoxy; people who were born into a world where Soloveitchik’s insights were already accepted as a given. Jeffrey Saks recently spoke with three American students from Midreshet Amudim who are studying in Israel for the year after high school – Elisheva Ezor of West Hempstead, NY; Shayna Lopatin of Detroit; and Ruthie Vogel of Silver Spring, MD. These bright young women were born into a world that had been ruptured and reconstructed long before they were born, yet one which they seem to intuitively understand is always undergoing some form of transformation.

(Photo, from left: Shayna Lopatin, Ruthie Vogel, Elisheva Ezor in the Amudim Beit Midrash, Modiin.)

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[Published on January 16, 2019]

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