March 18, 2021

The BEST: Chesterton’s “Orthodoxy”

G.K. Chesterton remains one of the great writers and communicators of modern religion, combining a journalist’s flair, the literary credentials of a first-rate author, and a theology deeply considered. Writing for this week's R. Sacks Bookshelves Project, Ben Crowne looks at points of contact between the Catholic Chesterton's writing in "Orthodoxy" and R. Sacks' role as a representative of a minority faith who could speak about religious identity to a nationwide audience.
March 16, 2021

ARCHIVES: Erev Pesach on Shabbat

When erev Pesach occurred on Shabbat in 1974 – as it will this year – it was the first time in 20 years that Jews worldwide confronted this phenomenon which presents a slew of halakhic challenges. Rabbi J. David Bleich was at the ready with a column in TRADITION’s  “Survey of Recent Halakhic Literature.” Here it is, fresh from our archives...
March 14, 2021

BOOK REVIEW: Faith and Freedom Haggadah

As we turn our attention to Passover, Yitzchak Rosenblum reviews the Eliezer Berkovits Haggadah, situating it within larger trends in that important 20th-century philosopher’s thought.
March 11, 2021

The BEST: A Secular Age

Writing for the R. Sacks Bookshelves project, Chaim Strauchler examines points of intersection between Charles Taylor's "A Secular Age" and Sacks' lifelong work showing that “human beings are meaning-seeking animals, and the search for meaning is constitutive of our humanity, and religion is the greatest heritage of our meanings.”