January 10, 2022

Man as an Enigma in Modern Jewish Thought

Rav Kook and R. Soloveitchik both viewed mankind as an enigmatic mystery; one saw man as paradoxical in his very nature, the other identifies the dialectical tension in his existence as the source. Natan Oliff explores…
January 6, 2022

Great Books and “The BEST” Books

There’s an interesting debate raging through the imperiled halls of the Ivy League’s humanities departments -- and it has special meaning for Modern Orthodoxy as a religious community that has classically valued the encounter with worldly, humanistic wisdom.  As the relationship of those two realms of wisdom, often framed around the concept of Torah u-Madda, is receiving renewed ideological and institutional reassessment, TRADITION's editor Jeffrey Saks takes note of trends in general higher education and society. This column is the first in a projected series exploring this topic and its importance in the coming months. 
January 3, 2022

Divrei Shalom e-Book

R. Shalom Carmy has been one of the most articulate and insightful voices in our community for decades and his editor’s columns in TRADITION between 2005-2019 provide an accessible window into the thought of a profound thinker. “Divrei Shalom” is now available from TRADITION as a free e-book for download.