April 30, 2023

In Memoriam: Rebbetzin Bruria David

With the passing of Rebbetzin Bruria David (1938-2023) z"l, the renowned educator, we lose a model of commitment to teaching, to students, and to scholarship. Her lifelong friend, Judith Bleich, shares memories and helps us appreciate Rebbetzin David and her legacy.
April 28, 2023

TRADITION Today Summit: Material Success and Its Challenges 

On April 23, 2023, TRADITION and the Rabbinical Council of America convened our first TRADITION Today Summit exploring “Material Success and Its Challenges.” With the aim of helping to shape a larger communal conversation on these topics, content generated at and by the conference will be made available to the public from within the pages of the journal and on our other media platforms – in the meantime read more about the program now.
April 27, 2023

Alt+SHIFT: Minhat Hinukh Scholarship

Michal Tikochinsky’s book on the important 19th-century rabbinic work Minhat Hinukh fills in a gap in academic Jewish scholarship, and offers a sweeping portrait of a work much treasured in the beit midrash. Yitzchak Blau returns with Alt+Shift, helping the Anglo sphere to gain insight into worthwhile material available only in Hebrew.
April 23, 2023

REVIEW: The Souls of the World of Chaos

Originally published in 1913, Rav Kook’s short essay “The Souls of the World of Chaos” was a response to the young Russian Jewish immigrants to Eretz Yisrael, those ideological pioneers espousing socialism while rebelling against religious tradition—“a young generation who, in their wild idealism and relentless search for unbridled freedom, had thrown off what they perceived as the shackles of religion.” Steven Gotlib introduces us to Bezalel Naor’s edition of this important essay—Naor’s latest installment in his growing body of elucidated translations of Rav Kook’s writing.