July 13, 2023

TRADITION QUESTIONS: Microcosms of Worlds

Chaim Strauchler discovers messages and questions about modern Shabbat teen culture in a new music video – this week in TRADITION Questions.
July 10, 2023

REVIEW: A Code of Conduct for Business

Yakov Yellin’s new book is ambitious because composing a code of business conduct is a challenging task no matter what particular value system stands behind it. He aims for an even larger goal because the topic of codes of conduct for Torah organizations is one that is little studied. As the Chief Compliance Officer for The Walt Disney Corporation, Yellin combined his experience and Torah scholarship to offer an important first step in a needed genre of Jewish business ethics, says Asher Meir in his review.
July 6, 2023

Alt+SHIFT: Agadat Hurban

For today’s fast of 17th Tammuz, Yitzchak Blau discusses the affecting Israeli film “Agadat Hurban” (Legends of Destruction), which captivated audiences with its release two years ago. Aside from its appropriateness as we commence the Three Weeks, Blau argues that it is even timelier in light of current civil strife in the Jewish State.
July 3, 2023

Democratic Values

For Independence Day let us consider what is the halakhic obligation for our community to take responsibility for strengthening the bonds of democratic community as such. Alex S. Ozar takes up this task in “Towards a Jewish Theology of Democratic Citizenship,” TRADITION Winter 2023 – now open access.