Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik: Special Issue 

Tradition Online | April 25, 2024
R. Soloveitchik Special Issue

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Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik: Special Issue 

As we mark the Rav’s 31st yahrzeit on 18 Nissan (Friday, April 26) we revisit last year’s special issue marking his 120th birthday and 30th year since his passing. With the goal of honoring Rabbi Soloveitchik’s myriad contributions to the spiritual and intellectual life of our community and the Jewish world, last year TRADITION released as a special 230-page exploring his legacy. The issue, edited by Jeffrey Saks, containing essays by leading figures in the world of Jewish life and ideas, focuses on the wide-ranging areas of R. Soloveitchik’s writing, assessing his lasting contributions to Jewish thought through the prism of his prolific works.

Contributing authors: Mali Brofsky, Shalom Carmy, Zev Eleff, Yocheved Friedman, Nathaniel Helfgot, Yaakov Jaffe, Tovah Lichtenstein, Levi Morrow, Mark Smilowitz, Alex Sztuden, and Shlomo Zuckier. The volume is dedicated by the Maimonides School and Kehillah, Brookline, MA, in memory of their revered founder. Click here to read the table of contents and front matter.

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