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Fackenheim and the Shoah in Contemporary Jewish Thought

REVIEW: Kenneth Hart Green, The Philosophy of Emil Fackenheim: From Revelation to the Holocaust (Cambridge University Press, 2020), 416 pages How central of a role should a singular historical event play in the life of Jew? For Emil Fackenheim (1916-2003), there was no role too large.
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Reasoning the Holocaust: On God and Evil in Jewish Thought

Cohen, The Tremendum: A Theological Interpretation of the Holocaust (New York: Crossroads, 1981); Emil Fackenheim, "Leo Baeck and Other Jewish Thinkers in Dark Times," Judaism 51 (2002), 288; and Irving Greenberg, Living in the Image of God (Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson, 1998), 234.
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Holocaust Commemoration and Tish’a be-Av: The Debate over “Yom Ha-Sho’a”

"An Interview with Emil Fackenheim," New Traditions 3 (1986), 30.
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A Tiny but Articulate Minority

Wurzburger wrote a number of short essays criticizing secular Jewish intellectuals, the most important of which were rejections of the widespread acceptance of Emil Fackenheim‘s philosophy of a com- manding voice of Auschwitz.