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TraditionOnline Author: Helfgot, Nathaniel In: Summer 2021 Issue 53.3

Facing the Abyss and Confronting the Holocaust

In 1970, Emil Fackenheim published his seminal volume, God’s Presence in History in which he argued that the Holocaust created an imperative, a "614th commandment" for Jews, Judaism, and the State of Israel to survive and thrive in order not to give Hitler a posthumous victory.
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Fackenheim and the Shoah in Contemporary Jewish Thought

REVIEW: Kenneth Hart Green, The Philosophy of Emil Fackenheim: From Revelation to the Holocaust (Cambridge University Press, 2020), 416 pages How central of a role should a singular historical event play in the life of Jew? For Emil Fackenheim (1916-2003), there was no role too large.
TraditionOnline Author: Lang, Berel In: Spring 2017 Issue 50.1

Reasoning the Holocaust: On God and Evil in Jewish Thought

TraditionOnline Author: Schacter, Jacob J. In: Summer 2008 Issue 41.2

Holocaust Commemoration and Tish’a be-Av: The Debate over “Yom Ha-Sho’a”