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Editor: Shalom Carmy

Associate Editors: Yitzchak Blau, Hillel Goldberg, Shnayer Z. Leiman, Jeffrey Saks, Joel B. Wolowelsky,

Editorial Assistant: Avraham Wein

Editorial Committee: David Berger, Rivkah T. Blau, Judith Bleich, Erica Brown, Reuven P. Bulka, Yaakov Elman, Daniel Z Feldman, Dov I. Frimer, Menachem Genack, Mark Gottlieb, Carmi Horowitz, Lawrence A. Kobrin, Maurice Lamm, Yamin Levy, Yona Reiss, Sol Roth, Jonathan Sacks, Jacob J. Schacter, David Schnall, David Shatz, Avraham Walfish, Ronnie Warburg, Reuven Ziegler, Shlomo Zuckier.

Previous Editors
Norman Lamm, Editor 1958-1962
Walter S. Wurzburger z”l, Editor 1962-1988
Emanuel Feldman, Editor 1988-2001
Michael A. Shmidman, Editor 2001-2004

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