February 9, 2021

Telltale Textiles from Biblical Times

The recent discovery of several scraps of purple-dyed fabric from the times of David and Solomon opens a small but significant window into the lives of the people who lived in Eretz Yisrael in ancient times – Baruch Sterman and Judy Taubes Sterman explain.
February 7, 2021

REVIEW: The Principles of Judaism

By turning to R. Yosef Albo to explore principles of Jewish faith, Samuel Lebens provides an interesting presentation. However, Howard Wettstein suggests, Lebens accomplishes the truly noteworthy by bringing the mystical side of Jewish thought into contact with medieval and even current analytical philosophy.
February 4, 2021

The BEST: Spinoza

Spinoza correctly identified the centrality of Jewish law for the survival of Judaism, but erred in thinking that eliminating it is the path to a moral society. Daniel Rynhold explains how R. Sacks showed that maintaining mitzvot and retaining particularity is the way to secure a just society – for Jews and for humanity in general. 
February 2, 2021

Fackenheim and the Shoah in Contemporary Jewish Thought

Emil Fackenheim, known for his formulation of the “614th commandment” (never grant Hitler a posthumous victory) was an important but controversial Jewish thinker. Daniel Korobkin reviews a new book exploring Fackenheim’s thought and its enduring message for contemporary Judaism.