Current Issue

Vol. 51:1, Spring 2019


In memory of Rabbi Yaakov Elman, z”l


Tree of Life, Tree of Knowledge: Halakha and Theology in Ma’or va-Shamesh by Ariel Evan Mayse

The Makkot, Redux by David H. Schwartz

Winding Clocks on Shabbat: An Example of the Parallel Development of Technology and Halakha by David Neustadter

Review Essay

Chief Rabbi Hertz: The Wars of the Lord by Derek Tayler – Reviewed by Moshe Y. Miller

Book Review

Sefer Nishmat Ha-Bayit: Responsa on Pregnancy, Birth and Family Planning by Rabbi Yehuda Henken and Rabbanit Chana Henkin – Reviewed by Joel. B. Wolowelsky

Survey of Recent Halakhic Literature

Converts and Customs & Diabetics and Shabbat by J. David Bleich