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Readers of TRADITION have been following the multipart series written by Rav J. David Bleich on “Validity of DNA Evidence for Halakhic Purposes” (as part of his “Survey of Recent Halakhic Literature” column).

We are pleased to make available, from the far side of our paywall, part 2 of the series which examines the use of DNA evidence in helping to release women from the chains of Aguna scenarios. (Part I, introducing the major topics and state of the scientific field, can be accessed here.)

In our upcoming Summer 2020 issue the 4-part series will conclude with a sweeping discussion of the so-called “Jewish Gene.” That issue will also mark the 50th anniversary of Rav Bleich’s authoring of his TRADITION column – visit the archive to explore his many contributions to our pages.

[Published on July 13, 2020]



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