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TRADITION’s Fall 2020 issue has just released and has already begun to land in subscribers’ mailboxes. Click here for the Table of Contents and access to select content (subscribers have full digital access).

Issue highlights: Mali Brofsky, guest editor, of an expansive symposium on “Jewish Thought in the Contemporary World: Educational Challenges and Goals,” writes by way of introduction:

Meaning and complexity are the two essential values that lie at the heart of learning Jewish thought. These two concepts are central to an individual’s living a purposeful life, as well as to our creating a thriving culture and society. The search for truth and meaning shapes the discipline, as well as the attempt to cut to the core ideas upon which we build our values, our interpersonal interactions, our communities, and our culture. But this endeavor cannot be achieved without the second principle, complexity, which serves as the tool enabling this discovery of truth and meaning through intellectual excavation and thoughtful sharpening of ideas. Now, more than ever, the serious study of Jewish thought, both for its content – the serious exploration of intellectual, ethical, religious, and spiritual values and ideas – and for the critical skills it engenders in us and our students, is invaluable. It is inspiring to see that so many contemporary teachers are considering these issues with thoughtfulness, dedication, and commitment. 

The 11, wide-ranging entries in the symposium were authored by some of today’s leading thinkers, educators, and academics in North America and Israel: David Bashevkin, Cheryl Berman, Yitzchak Blau, Yosef Bronstein, Miram Feldmann Kaye, Yoel Finkelman, Julie Goldstein, Daniel Rynhold, David Shatz, Dov Singer, and Netanel Wiederblank.

The issue also features: J. David Bleich’s survey of halakhic literature on “Coronavirus Queries”; an annotated translation of R. Avraham Eliyahu Kaplan’s Be-Ikvot ha-Yirah; reviews of new books on Rav Ashlag and the Akeda; exploring the true character of Lot; and more.

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[Published on October 13, 2020]

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