Tradition Online | August 17, 2021

h the imminent arrival of the Shemitta year 5782 we take the opportunity to review the erudite analysis of the hetter mekhira penned by R. Daniel Z. Feldman in the pages of TRADITION, “A Brief Overview of Some of the Issues Related to the Hetter Mekhira” (Fall 2014).

The essay concludes with a prayer that soon Shemitta will be observed fully in both letter and in spirit. “One might claim that the discussion itself, and the manner in which it is conducted, plays a special role in bringing that about. Hopefully, it emerges clearly that all of the participants in this debate, on both sides, are moved passionately by a love for Torah and for the Jewish people, and a deep wish to see Shemitta fully realized by a unified Jewish people in a rebuilt land of Israel.”

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