Is Religion a Separate Language Game?

Shubert Spero Summer 1970 Issue 11.2

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  1. In Science, there is continuum of truth from from a new theory, arrived at to explain some newly observed phenomenon. and an established fact, such as the son appearing to rise and BECAUSE of the Planet Earth revolving. We can hold the basic Truth of the Torah and consider our religious beliefs as a strong and practical Working Hypothesis, without demanding absolute and final proof. This point of allows us to interact constructively with those who have different systems of belief, including the Secular and those of different (but not hate-based) religion.

    Much engineering and medical progress is based on use of a Working Hypothesis.

    Dave Klepper, student, Jerusalem Yeshivat Beit Orot, Lifetime Member, American Legion, Co=Author, Worship Space Acoustics, J. Ross 3010

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