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Editor: Jeffrey Saks (Academy for Torah Initiatives, Jerusalem)

Associate Editors: Yitzchak Blau (Yeshivat Orayta, Jerusalem), Hillel Goldberg (Intermountain Jewish News, Denver), Chaim Strauchler (Rinat Israel, Teaneck, NJ)

Consulting Editors: Erica Brown (Yeshiva University, NY), Shnayer Z. Leiman (Brooklyn College, CUNY), Joel B. Wolowelsky (Yeshivah of Flatbush)

Editorial Committee: Hayyim Angel (Yeshiva University), David Berger (Yeshiva University), Rivkah T. Blau (Stern College, NY), Judith Bleich (Touro College, NY), Mali Brofsky (MSW, Israel), Daniel Z. Feldman (Yeshiva University), Dov I. Frimer (Frimer Gellman & Co., Jerusalem), Menachem Genack (Orthodox Union, NY), Mark Gottlieb (Tikvah Fund), Lawrence A. Kobrin (Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP), Yona Reiss (Chicago Rabbinical Council), Sarah Rudolph (Independent Scholar), Jacob J. Schacter (Yeshiva University), David Shatz (Yeshiva University), Avraham Walfish (Herzog College, Israel), Shlomo Zuckier (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)

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Past Editors:
Norman Lamm z”l, Founding Editor (1958-1962)
Walter S. Wurzburger z”l (1962-1988)
Emanuel Feldman (1988-2001)
Michael A. Shmidman (2001-2004)
Shalom Carmy (2004-2019)

Editorial Assistants: Elisheva Rabinovich, Isaac Selter

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