Pedagogic Disturbances in the Jewish Adult Classroom: The Teaching and Learning of Morally Problematic Biblical Texts

Erica Brown Summer 2019 Issue 51.3


Erica Brown clarifies: After reviewing my recent article, “Pedagogic Disturbances in the Jewish Adult Classroom” (Tradition 51:3, Summer 2019), I would like to correct an inadvertently misleading footnote. On p. 19 fn. 2, the reference to David Shatz’s article in the first sentence should have appeared later in the paragraph. The note should have begun with the articles by Visotzky and Miles, since they are critical of Abraham’s behavior in Genesis 22; the Shatz article should have been grouped with authors like Jon Levenson who defend Abraham’s actions and argue against such negative readings. In addition, Shatz is the author of “Jewish Thought in Dialogue: Essays on Thinkers, Theologies and Moral Theories” and not the editor of the work.


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