PODCAST: The Absurdity of Extremism

Tradition Online | May 29, 2022

In this episode of the TRADITION/Or Chadash series our editor Rabbi Jeffrey Saks has the tables (and microphone) turned on him and becomes the subject of the interview.  Jacquie Seemann Charak of Or Chadash in Sydney, Australia, questions Saks about his recent essay in the Rabbi Norman Lamm Memorial Volume, “The Extremes Are More Consistent But Absurd,” which explored R. Lamm’s writings on religious moderation as the hallmark of our community. It was also a chance to discuss what we’ve been doing at TRADITION these days and how the journal has evolved over the decades while remaining loyal to R. Lamm’s founding vision from 1958.

Read the essay here: “The Extremes Are More Consistent But Absurd” 

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