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A freilichen Purim to TRADITION readers – Enjoy these Purim pieces from our archives…

A Reconstruction of the Purim Story
Manfred R. Lehmann (Winter-Spring 1972)

On Law and Ethics in the Mishneh Torah: A Case Study of Hilkhot Megillah
Yitzhak Twersky (Winter 1989)

Hilkhot Megilla 2:17 Revisited: A Halakhic Analysis
Lawrence Kaplan (Fall 1991)

Hadassa Hi Esther: Issues of Peshat and Derash in the Book of Esther
Reviewed by Hayyim Angel (Winter 2000)

Many Thoughts in the Heart of Man: Irony and Theology in the Book of Esther
Moshe David Simon-Shoshan (Summer 1997) 

Unmasking an Odd-Sounding Purim Custom: A Theory
Akiva Males (Winter 2012)

Esther – The Outer Narrative and the Hidden Reading by Jonathan Grossman
Reviewed by Yitzchak Blau (Spring 2013)

Mordechai and Flowing Myrrh: On the Presence of God in the Book of Esther
Yitzhak Berger (Fall 2016)

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