Rabbi Norman Lamm Memorial Volume

This year the Jewish world suffered the loss of Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm zt”l.  Rabbi Lamm was unique in his talents, thought, and creativity, expressed through his many roles: as president of Yeshiva University, congregational rabbi, writer, speaker, and founding editor of the RCA’s journal of Jewish thought, Tradition.

With the goal of honoring Rabbi Lamm’s myriad contributions to the spiritual and intellectual life of our community and the Jewish world, Tradition (Summer 2021) will be issued as a special book-length, hard-bound Memorial Volume exploring his literary legacy. The issue, containing over 30 essays by leading figures in the world of Jewish life and ideas, will focus on the wide-ranging areas of Rabbi Lamm’s writing, assessing his lasting contributions to Jewish thought through the prism of his prolific works.

As a way of honoring Rabbi Lamm’s memory and supporting the ongoing work of Tradition and the Rabbinical Council of America, of which he was a proud member, we invite you to join your name to the Rabbi Norman Memorial Tribute Roll which will appear in this special volume. Names of contributing individuals and organizations will be listed according to the following categories:

  • Diamond – $3600
  • Gold – $2500
  • Pillar – $1800
  • Patron – $1500
  • Benefactor – $1000
  • Provider – $500
  • Supporter – $250
  • Friend – $180

Contributions must be received by February 28, 2021. Please click here to make your contribution.

Norman Lamm Tribute Committee

  • Rabbi Bernard Rosensweig
  • Rabbi Sol Roth
  • Rabbi Max N. Schreier
  • Rabbi Marc D. Angel
  • Rabbi Moshe Gorelik
  • Rabbi Kenneth Hain
  • Rabbi Heshie Billet
  • Rabbi Kenneth Auman
  • Rabbi Dale Polakoff
  • Rabbi Shlomo Hochberg
  • Rabbi Moshe Kletenik
  • Rabbi Shmuel Goldin
  • Rabbi Leonard Matanky
  • Rabbi Shalom Baum
  • Rabbi Elazar Muskin
  • Rabbi Daniel Korobkin
  • Rabbi Jeffrey Saks