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The recent arrival of Amnon Bazak’s To This Very Day: Fundamental Questions in Bible Study in English is a welcome addition to Maggid Books’ “Tanakh Companion” series. Bazak, of Yeshivat Har Etzion and Michlelet Herzog, has emerged as a critical voice in Modern Orthodox Bible study and this volume wrestles with topics such as: The composition of biblical books, the contradictions found in legal and narrative sections, the findings of archaeology and our knowledge of the ancient Near East, the relationship between peshat and derash, and the sins of biblical characters.

TRADITION reviewed the original 2013 Hebrew version of the book, Ad HaYom HaZeh (Yediot Books), when it was first published. Read Hayyim Angel’s assessment of Bazak’s attempt to balance traditional and academic Bible scholarship.

Originally appeared in TRADITION 47:4 (Winter 2014).



[Published on March 1, 2020]

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