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Our friends at the RZ Weekly podcast recently spent two episodes discussing TRADITION’s “Rupture and Reconstruction” symposium. Take a listen to their insightful conversations about the implications of the ideas in Haym Soloveitchik’s essay, our symposium entries, and their enduring implications for contemporary religious life.

Episode 1 explores Rivka Press Schwartz’s remarks in her “Of Metrology and Mimesis” and considers the responsibilities of schools and families in passing down values and traditions. Listen here.

Episode 2 continues the discussion of mimetic traditions and how they shape our Jewish and religious experience. The panelists consider some of the differences between the American and the Israeli experience in light of Chaim Saiman’s essay “How Zionism is Reconstructing American Orthodoxy.” Listen here.

Thanks, Mali Adler Brofsky, Reuven Spolter, and Johnny Solomon!

[Published on December 2, 2019]

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