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Of Love, Holiness, and the Other

For Parashat Kedoshim read Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg’s “Of Love, Holiness, and the Other” (Winter 2021). The renowned educator and author explores themes in the “morality of aspiration” as a path to holiness, especially as it should guide interpersonal relationships.

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PODCAST: Rabbi Sacks Bookshelves Project

In this TRADITION Podcast authors from our R. Sacks Bookshelves Project discuss why R. Sacks read and quoted the books that he did and the role those works played in his leadership and philosophy. They look at some common themes emerging from the project and the optimistic view of humanity with which R. Sacks leaves us, his readers and disciples.

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Halakhic Zionism? A New Text and Its Possible Implications

Does R. Soloveitchik’s newly published “Jewish Sovereignty and the Redemption of the Shekhina” (TRADITION, Winter 2021) provide a new data point in unraveling his views on the religious meaning of the State of Israel? Aton Holzer speculates…

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Adding Hallel on Shabbat 5 Iyar

When the calendar date for the observance of Yom HaAtzmaut is changed how should we relate to the historical date of 5 Iyar, which falls on this upcoming Shabbat? Yaakov Jaffe advocates for additional Hallel.

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The BEST: R. Sacks Bookshelves Project – A Closing Chapter

Chaim Strauchler looks back on TraditionOnline’s Rabbi Sacks Bookshelves Project, summing up the insights gained as we took a look at the array of writings in Jewish and general wisdom from which R. Sacks crafted his books, essays, and sermons.

PDF Print Journal Archive Author: Rosensweig, Michael In: Spring 2021 Issue 53.2

🔓 Reflections on Racism and Social Divisiveness

PDF Print Journal Archive Author: Fredman, Lisa In: Spring 2021 Issue 53.2

Rashi’s Women: Prototypes in Proverbs


PDF Print Journal Archive Author: Zivotofsky, Ari Z. In: Spring 2021 Issue 53.2

Matrilineal Descent: A Background Check