Spring 2022 Open Access

Tradition Online | September 19, 2022

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TRADITION‘s Spring 2022 is now open access

David S. Farkas brings us the important discovery of the recently unearthed, never-before published “Asmodeus Letter”; Daniel Korobkin compares Kuzari and Catholic philosophy; Michelle J. Levine offers up a sweeping exploration of Ramban’s inventive marshaling of biblical metaphor; David Assaf explores legends (and urban legends) of Napoleon’s reported meetings with great rabbis; Dov Finkelstein on Rav Hutner’s psychological insights to human greatness; and Sam Lebens reexamines Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ important (and sometimes controversial) teachings on religious pluralism.

In our “Survey of Recent Halakhic Literature,” J. David Bleich takes a look at tobacco, snuff, and cannabis; Shmuel Lesher suggests that R. Eleazer Fleckles was no mere apologist but a true progressive pluralist, and brings us a first-time translation of his Kesut Enayim in “From the Pages of Tradition.”

In “Sources & Resources” Jonathan Grossman offers a reading of the laws of the burnt sacrifice which describe the evacuation of the altar every morning and the obligation to keep the fire burning on the altar, asking why both are incorporated under the burnt sacrifice laws.

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