Summer 2020 Open Access

Tradition Online | January 18, 2021

With the arrival of our Winter 2021 issue we have made TRADITION Summer 2020 open access. Click here for the Table of Contents and access to the full content.

Issue highlights: Mark Dratch eulogizes R. Norman Lamm; Joseph Dweck on “Rupture and Reconstruction” from the (overlooked) Sephardic perspective; Tonya Mittelman on her father, R. Aharon Lichtenstein, and women in the world of Torah study; Rav Shagar on two types of Anava; book reviews of new Maimonides scholarship, Shabbatai Zevi in modern Hebrew fiction, and more.

The issue also contains a 70-page essay concluding J. David Bleich’s series on the validity of DNA evidence in Jewish law, and marks the 50th anniversary of Rav Bleich’s authoring our “Survey of Recent Halakhic Literature” column.

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