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TRADITION 55:3 (Summer 2023) is on its way to subscribers’ mailboxes with a special section commemorating the Yom Kippur War in advance of the upcoming 50th year since the war. That cluster of eight essays includes:

We present a first-time translation of an essay in which the late R. Yehuda Amital first responded to the traumas of October 1973, “Towards the Meaning of the Yom Kippur War” [OPEN ACCESS]. Yehudah Mirsky follows with an analysis in “Faith, Responsibility and Suffering: Rav Amital’s Response to the Yom Kippur War.”

Haim Sabato’s essay, “God Hidden in Heaven’s Vaults,” is another opportunity for the Rosh Yeshiva and modern author to consider the war’s impact on his comrades and on their faith. Our editor, Jeffrey Saks, then offers a reading of these themes in Sabato’s most well-known novel in his “Point-Blank Prayer: On Haim Sabato’s Adjusting Sights.”

The long-lasting impact of the Yom Kippur War on the teachings of Rav Shagar is considered by Zachary Truboff; on contemporary Hebrew poetry by Wendy Zierler; and in the sermons of R. Norman Lamm by Tzvi Sinensky.

Shlomo Fischer concludes the symposium with a retrospective analysis of the deep effects of the War on Israel’s Religious Zionist community.

Also in this issue…

Michael A. Shmidman on Isadore Twersky’s Unique Contribution to Study of The Guide of the Perplexed. J. David Bleich’s Survey of Recent Halakhic Literature concludes a series on Above-Ground Burial. Daniel Langer proposes a solution to the chronological problem of the Egyptian bondage in Sources & Resources.

In our reviews: Daniel Reiser surveys Contemporary Uses and Forms of Hasidut (The Orthodox Forum), edited by Shlomo Zuckier; and David Berger grapples with some of the problematics in Karma Ben-Johanan’s Jacob’s Younger Brother: Christian-Jewish Relations after Vatican II (Harvard) [OPEN ACCESS], pointing to its deficiencies when it turns to halakhic texts and the approaches of mainstream Modern Orthodox Jews to Jewish-Christian dialogue.

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