The Immortality Impulse and Jewish Tradition

Shlomo Friedman Spring 2020 Issue 52.2

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  1. Dave Klepper says:

    I enjoyed and appreciated Shlomo Friedman’s article on Immortality in the Spring ’20 issue, and wish to suggest that something even more radical may eventually be achieved, Revival of the Dead! How? We now have 3-Dimensional laser printing. Exact reproduction of a human skeleton may be possible even with today’s technology! But imagine Science discovering a basic building block common to all elements of any atom, the “stuff” that neutrons, electrons, etc., are constructed from, and lasers so powerful and fast that that the reproduction would even preserve the exact spinning of each electron around its nucleus will be preserved. The righteous departed Spirit, usually of the same sex, would then take possession of the person’s duplicate body.

    Where will all the immortals and the dead-revived live? Spaceships for long interstellar voyages, each a miniature Earth, Spacer Colonization. And a Humankind not limited by the life of one planet in one Solar System. With the Expanding Universe.

    Best wishes and all possible respect,
    David Lloyd ben Yaacov Yehuda Klepper

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