The Jewish Religious Experience from Halakhah, Aggadah and Kabbalah

Tradition Online | January 30, 2024

TRADITION and Hakirah are proud to partner in publishing The Jewish Religious Experience from Halakhah, Aggadah and Kabbalah: Two Series of Lectures by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, based on the notes of Rabbis Robert Blau and Yaakov Homnick.

Based on Rabbi Soloveitchik’s course taught at the Bernard Revel Graduate School in 1946–1947, these lectures present a sustained argument for the preeminence of Halakhah within Jewish tradition. Nonetheless, Halakhah itself “was re-worked first by Aggadah and then by Kabbalah,” and this totality of Halakhah, Aggadah, and Kabbalah shapes the Jewish religious experience. Halakhah “atomizes and breaks everything down into simple elements.” When it reverses the process and “begins to make a structural whole… it enters into the realm of Aggadah.” Kabbalah, too, is integral to the Jewish religious experience. “The kabbalistic perspective rests on Halakhah” and “Halakhah never took exception to Kabbalah.” The greatness of the Jewish religious experience is its integration of Halakhah, Aggadah, and Kabbalah. “No other religion has such a triad.”

This is an expanded print volume that includes TRADITION’s e-book “Concepts in Halakha as Elaborated Upon by the Aggada and Kabbala” supplementing it with material published in Hakirah. With contributions from: Alan Blau, Asher Benzion Buchman, Eliyahu Krakowski, Daniel Rynhold, Jeffrey Saks, Heshey Zelcer, Mark Zelcer, and Shlomo Zuckier.

Available for purchase at Amazon.

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