TRADITION 54:1 (Winter 2022)

Tradition Online | January 26, 2022

TRADITION 54:1 (Winter 2022) has just been released and has already begun to arrive in subscribers’ mailboxes. Click here for the Table of Contents and access to select content (subscribers have full digital access).


  • Eleazar Ashkenazi on the Longevity of the Ancients / Eric Lawee
  • The Haredization of American Orthodoxy in the Early Twentieth Century / Menachem Keren-Kratz
  • Tekhelet: Setting the Ancient Record Straight / Zvi C. Koren
  • From Intuition to Evidence: Faith Development Theory as an Empirical Foundation for Jewish Education / Barry Kislowicz

Survey of Recent Halakhic Literature
Coronavirus Queries (4): Assignment of Ventilators / J. David Bleich

From the Pages of Tradition
“The Voice of Your Brother’s Blood Is Screaming”: Rabbi Herschel Schacter’s Letter Home / Jacob J. Schacter [OPEN ACCESS]

Sources & Resources
Reassembling the Pieces: On the Literary Unity of Halakha and Aggada/ Yonatan Feintuch

Book Reviews

  • Moshe Maimon’s New Editions of The Writings of Avraham ben ha-Rambam / Reviewed by Shimon Altshul
  • Rachel Manekin, The Rebellion of the Daughters: Jewish Women Runaways in Habsburg Galicia / Reviewed by Beverly Gribetz [OPEN ACCESS]

In our next issue (Spring 2022)
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David S. Farkas presents a long-lost manuscript page of the “Asmodeus Letters”; Michelle J. Levine surveys Ramban’s understanding of the Bible’s versatile inventiveness in its use of metaphor, simile, and imagery; Daniel Korobkin considers R. Yehuda Halevi as a mirror image of the medieval Peter Abelard; Avraham Stav examines progressivism and conservatism in the thought of Rav Kook; Samuel Lebens on R. Jonathan Sacks’ theory of pluralism; Jonathan Grossman with a new look at Leviticus; and much more….


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