July 21, 2022

The BEST: Eviatar Banai’s “Night as the Day Does Shine”

Marina Zilbergerts writes for The BEST on Eviatar Banai’s song “Night as the Day Does Shine”: “Banai has found a way to synthesize elements of his previous self with the new, and to bridge conflicting worlds into musical inspiration. Speaking directly to the essence of our age, Banai’s music pulls the aspiration to holiness and transcendence directly from the banal ups and downs of human experience.”
July 19, 2022

TRADITION Summer 2022 Arrives

TRADITION’s Summer 2022 issue arrives with a special section on Jewish Universalism. Also in this issue: The curious case of Prozbul's disappearance and reemergence; cannabis kashrut questions; R. Esriel Hildesheimer on women's Torah education;  the relationship between fear and trust in Tanakh and classical commentaries; and book reviews.
July 17, 2022

REVIEW: The Sabbath of the Land

As we begin our observance of the Three Weeks we turn our attention to an exploration of the spiritual, halakhic, and ecological dimensions of shemitta presented in Yedidya J. Sinclair’s thoughtful new translation of “Shabbat HaAretz” by Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook (Maggid Books). Ariel Evan Mayse suggests that the volume is an extremely timely contribution, given the perilous potential ecological calamities humanity faces.
July 14, 2022

The BEST: “What Gorgeous Thing”

Rivka Krause writes on poet Mary Oliver and her lesson to pause for gratitude: At times, the deepest understanding comes from appreciating the simple and often overlooked things around us. Our rituals aim to ingrain a thankfulness through awareness into the Jewish consciousness. The action of blessing food before eating should lead to thoughtfulness of where it comes from and why we eat it, but it so rarely does, because we do not pause and think.
July 11, 2022

Bilam the Prophet

Why did Hazal draw a comparison between Moshe and Bilam that appears to flatter a sworn enemy of Israel at the expense of our greatest prophet?  Simi Peters explains…
July 7, 2022

TRADITION’s 2022 Book Endorsements – Part II

TRADITION wraps up this year’s installment of our Editorial Board’s selections for recommended summer reading. Read the final round of endorsements – and discover the winner of our contest to predict the most picks!
July 3, 2022

TRADITION’s 2022 Book Endorsements

TRADITION continues its yearly tradition of turning to our esteemed editorial board for endorsements for summer reading. Some of the picks could ae easily been predicted, others are quite surprising, all are worthy of your attention. Read the first of two installments today on TraditonOnline.
June 30, 2022

The BEST: Talking to Strangers

Alex Ozar writes on Danielle S. Allen’s “Talking to Strangers”: Each of us can, and so must, contribute to our country’s fund of goodwill and mutuality. We do this not through professing the right views, and not through politeness around charged topics, but through talking to strangers, which for Allen means leaving our comfort zones to form actual relationships of cooperation and accountability with those we’d prefer stay at a distance.
June 28, 2022

The Song of the Well

The Song of the Well (Numbers 21:17-18) is nestled between Israel’s journey around Moab and the defeat of the Amorite kings, Sihon and Og. This highly compact song appears between two other brief enigmatic poems, adding to its mysterious air. Geula Twersky unravels its riddles…