Winter 2022 Open-Access

Tradition Online | June 27, 2022

TRADITION 54:1 (Winter 2022) has broken free of the paywall – read the full issue online

Enjoy open access to…

Eric Lawee on the longevity of the biblical ancients; Beverly Gribetz reviews historical scholarship on women’s education – and unpacks its meaning for today; Jacob J. Schacter brings a remarkable family heirloom to the “Pages of TRADITION”; Yonatan Feintuch on the unity of halakha and aggada; Shimon Altshul reads and reviews the writings of R. Abraham son on Maimonides; Barry Kislowicz on faith development in Jewish education; J. David Bleich concludes his series on “Coronavirus Queries” with questions about triage in the allocation of ventilators during COVID crisis; Menahem Keren-Kratz does a deep dive into journalistic archives to uncover the “Haredization” of American Orthodoxy in the early 20th century; and Zvi C. Koren raises questions about the sources of Tekhelet – and TRADITION publishes its first full-color images.

If you were already a subscriber you wouldn’t have had to wait so long to read the best scholarship on Jewish thought in the contemporary Orthodox world.


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